Kingman's Butchers

Traditional Butchery; Modern Service

Traditional Butchery; Modern Service


Kingman’s Butchers take pride in providing top quality meat products to the community of Amesbury and surrounding area. Kingman’s always strive to provide quality products at prices to please.

We carefully select premium quality meats so that you can have the best meal possible.

Our sausages, burgers, faggots, pies and scotch eggs are made right here in the shop. We have agreements in place to get most of our game birds, rabbits and venison wild from the surrounding area.

Our meat is sourced locally when appropriate and our steaks are traditionally dry aged on the bone here in the shop then cut to your specifications.

Buying from a butcher’s shop isn’t like being in a supermarket. You have total control over the product you receive. If you only want two lamb chops for tea, you can have just two. Do you want Dave to bone them for you? No problem at all! If you want twenty of your favourite sausage flavour but nine inches long and chipolata thickness – we’ll make you some up in the next batch!

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