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If value for money is key, or if you just have a big fridge, then our hampers are just what you’re looking for:

Kingman’s Hamper

Chicken or pork joint

A choice of 10 sausages

6 burgers or pork steaks

4 chicken fillets

500g of steak mince

500g of lean diced beef

6 rashers of bacon

6 free range eggs

All for just £30

Steak Pack

6 x 225g rump steaks

6 x 225g sirloin steaks

4 x 125g fillet steaks

All for just £60

BBQ Pack

A choice of 6 sausages

6 beef burgers

6 glazed pork steaks

6 glazed drumsticks

All for just £20

Roasting Pack

1kg Topside of beef

1kg pork joint

1kg lamb joint

1 gammon slipper joint

A 1.6kg chicken

All for just £45