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About Us


We are Dave and Deb Parker and we head up this family Butchers shop. Dave is a classically trained butcher but joined the military and ‘ran-away-to-sea’ when the supermarkets overran the traditional butchers shop. Now he’s back and ready to wave a defiant cleaver at supermarket meat and bland food in general. Deb comes from the world of retail banking which is lucky because bookkeeping isn’t Dave’s strong point. We have four children and live on a smallholding just over the border in Somerset. Our rare breed pigs and sheep even make an appearance in the shop from time to time! At home we live in the kitchen and have both been cooking from scratch for as long as we can remember.

We cut cure and cook as much as we can in the shop… Debs Pies are a masterpiece of properly filled pastry and Dave’s dry cured bacon is second to none

In today’s difficult times we have started a delivery service for you, operate a call/message/email ordering system and now have our online Click and Collect service up and running!!